The Adventures In Authenticity Workbook & Study Guide consists of a process of self-exploration and personal discovery that facilitates the fullest realization, empowerment, and expression of your innermost Authentic Self. This unusually insightful, highly effective Self-Study Program is intelligently designed to guide you on your personal journey to creating and experiencing the quality of life you most truly desire—a quality of living that is referred to in this Program as “Authentic-Centered Living”. 

Creating and experiencing the quality of life you truly desire first requires that you attain a keen sense of INNER CLARITY, and a more richly informed base of SELF-KNOWLEDGE, with regard to . . .

 Who you “really are”—in the innermost depths of your being

 What you “really want”—your most genuine personal desires

  What “really matters” to you—your true values and real priorities

◆  What you “most genuinely desire”—to create, express, and experience in your life


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